Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics have been some of my favorite things to work on and develop in the past 3 years. Even though there are decades of my life that have been wasted from waiting for projects to render, I still think they’re pretty fun to make.

Riding Hood and the Warlord - Advanced Motion Project

In the week we were assigned with making a sequel/retelling of a classic fairy-tale, I had been in the middle of the greatest “Kill Bill” Netflix marathon the world had ever seen. So, naturally, I turned Red Riding-Hood into a super-assassin.

Alright, Alright, Alright (Matthew McConaughey Oscar Speech) - Advanced Motion

Our first assignment in Advanced Motion, we were told to find an inspiring speech to turn into a motion graphic using 3D elements. So, I did McConaughey’s Oscar speech.

The New Creatives - Advanced Motion Final Project

My last school project, I collaborated with Brooke Smetanka to put everything we had learned to that point into one gargantuan, kaleidoscopic video about the creative world in which we live. What a rush.

The Video Infographic - Motion Project

One of my first motion graphic projects, a quick infographic about video in the year 2017.

Skyfall Typography - Motion Project

My first After Effects project ever, mixing some motion typography with some good-old-007.

Venmo Explainer - Motion Final

A quick rotoscoping video I collaborated with Marla Bernstein on. We used rotoscoping and a Wacom tablet to make the accent animations.